White confession

This looks like the Who's Patrizia advertisement , isn't it? 

The sun seems to make me totally mad but in the positive way, duh =D 

Who is in my heart? Of course You !! 
Btw: I was so busy last time (oops doing nothing)
that I forgot answering all your sweet comments. 
So next post I'll answer them all! 
Keep on commenting guys! They make my day! 

Fabulous weather

I was going through my old playlist on Lyrics and I found back this song. I remember it was my favorite song for months. When I hear this song it's like I'm back 10 years old and I start shaking and "singing" in the same childish way. In that days Sharpay was my biggest icon, in every aspect she was the best for me! =) Were you a fan of High School Musical? Who was your favorite character? 
Have a fabulous day too! 




Bonjour tout le monde!

Ooh oui, as you can see I really enjoyed being in France. The weather was a little bit cold, if it would be 5° hotter, it would have been perfect. As I already told you last weekend wasn't a beach vacation, but a more relax-nature-cultural excursion. (yeah, that's how my parents called it :p) We have been to so many beautiful places, but the bad thing was that these things were so big, like the chalk cliffs, that they were hard to make a picture of...
So this were that best pics of the weekend. Hope you enjoy!